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x0 aims to be the premier liquidity solutions provider for next-gen fintech companies with unprecedented access to stablecoins and cryptocurrencies to power their life-changing solutions. Fintech companies will appreciate our always-on and instant liquidity solution so they can do their best in serving their customers.

The hearbeat of every financial operations is liquidity. Traditionally, banks have supported the world's financial systems since the Medici era. Beset by geographical limitations, geopolitical barriers as well as absence of trust in the cross border transactions have hampered access to finance. Decentralized finance movement has embarked on a mission to solve the inefficiencies of the banking infrastructure by creating trust and speed to transaction. We're not trying to replace banks, we're allowing everyone to participate in the ecosystem fairly and openly. Thus, bringing about the full revolution.


x0 features things that MATTERS

We aim to be the cheapest, fastest and most flexible in the market


x0 is available in 4 protocols currently: Ethereum, xDAI, BSC and MATIC. We're continuously adding new protocols periodically, including protocols specific to different cryptos.


Fast Transactions

On xDai and Matic, your transaction speed reaches up to 7000 TPS. No more pending transactions, only completed transactions.

Stable Coins and Cryptos

We currently focus on stable coins, and have made available top stablecoins and will list many of the countries' digital currencies in the near future.


Fintech Partners

We provide unparalleled access to liquidity for our fintech clients. They're using our platform to get liquidity and interoperability, while enjoying yield for funds they farm/stake with us.


Earn Attractive APR when you join our Pools

We reward our liquidity partners. Earn up to 1000% APR when you sign up as Liquidity Partner.

Help support the growth of decentralized Finance and empower fintech ecosystems of the future. Fintech provider relies on liquidity and with ubiquity of fintech disruption to traditional banking and financial systems, you are well placed to gain from this revolution.


Fintech Companies

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1000% APR
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